Procedure to Apply

To apply to the University of South Alabama Honors College, all of the following must be received by the University by the deadline date of December 15, 2017. Applications lacking any of the following will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed by the Honors Admission Committee. If you have already applied for admission, or have been admitted to the University of South Alabama, items 1-3 need not be resubmitted for the Honors Application.

  • USA Admissions Application. Complete an application for admission to the University of South Alabama and submit it to the Office of Admissions with the non-refundable processing fee. Applicants must be accepted to the University of South Alabama before they can apply to the Honors College.

  • High School Transcript. Applicants must upload an unofficial copy of their high school transcript to their Honors College application in JagSPOT.

  • ACT or SAT Scores. Request that your official ACT or SAT scores be sent to the USA Office of Admissions.

  • USA Honors College Application. To apply to the USA Honors College, you must access the Honors College application through the JagSPOT portal - USA’s Scholarship Program Opportunity Tracker. To do so you will need your JAG Number (Student ID) and your JagNet/JagMail password/credentials which are assigned to you after you are admitted to the university. Use your Jag Number and JagMail credentials to log in to the JagSPOT Portal. For more information on the JagSPOT portal, please visit the Office of Scholarship Services web site at
  • Two Letters of Recommendation. Letters may play a significant role in distinguishing between otherwise equally-qualified students. Letter authors should be asked to specifically comment on your intellectual capabilities and personal characteristics such as independent thinking, motivation, creativity, and willingness to be academically challenged. Emphasize to your recommenders that the letters should be received by the application deadline.        
  • Letters of recommendation and the student essay (below) should be submitted as part of the Honors College application in the JagSPOT portal.
  • Student Essay. Present your perspective on the topic below using relevant evidence and/or examples to support your position. The essay must be typed and must not exceed 500 words in length. Be sure to include your full name on your essay. Essays will be evaluated on the basis of:
    1. appropriateness of response to the topic
    2. development and support for your position
    3. focus and organization
    4. clarity and precision of ideas
    5. language fluency
    6. facility with conventions of standard written English (grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and mechanics)
    7. creativity

Essay Topic for Class of 2022 :  "Open"

You may interpret this term however you wish. You may focus on dominant or alternate meanings for this term, or a combination of these.

Students must also participate in an interview with the Honors Admissions Committee if selected for final consideration.

Note: The priority deadline to receive first and full consideration is December 15th, 2017. Applications submitted after the priority deadline will be considered on a rolling basis. Please make sure your reference links are created in your application so that letters can be uploaded any time after the deadline.